Varicose Veins Acupuncture

Veinity review Is there any ailment that can’t be treated by acupuncture? This traditional Chinese natural medicinal treatment dates back thousands of years. Now, it’s being used to help eliminate twisted, swollen veins found in the legs of nearly 50% of all American adults.

How does varicose veins acupuncture work? To start, it’s necessary to explain how varicose veins are formed. Varicose veins occur as the result of poor blood circulation. More specifically, the one-way valve in a vein malfunctions, causing blood to flow back in the wrong direction. This causes the blood to get stuck, and eventually, the vein begins to swell and blood flow is stopped.

Varicose Vein Treatment

This is where acupuncture comes in as a varicose vein treatment. This ancient Chinese medical procedure is used to stimulate blood flow in the affected area. The needles inserted into the varicose vein force blood flow to resume, and the clog is essentially wiped away.

While this certainly seems to be a viable treatment, it does raise an interesting question: what happens to the malfunctioning valve in the vein? It’s a question for which there appears to be no answer. Acupuncturists insist their procedure strengthens the veins and allows for more effective blood flow, but they fail to address how it repairs the broken valve in the vein.

Treatment for Varicose Veins

The other thing to consider with acupuncture is that it can be both time-consuming and costly. There are many more affordable varicose vein treatments available that don’t require sticking needles throughout your body. One such varicose vein treatment is herbal supplements. Herbal supplements can be taken daily to strengthen veins, repair varicose veins, and to prevent the future occurrence of this condition. By improving your blood flow naturally, you give your body the best chance of healing properly. It’s the most affordable, pain-free varicose vein treatment available.

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