Spider Veins

Veinity review Spider veins are the smaller, bluish-purple capillaries and vessels that often accompany the much larger varicose veins. These unsightly manifestations can mar the beauty of legs and be a source of embarrassment for many men and women.

There are numerous causes of spider veins, and in some cases, knowing this cause may help prevent them. In other cases, spider veins may be inevitable, but can be mitigated by the use of support hose.

So, just what does cause spider veins to cluster in the leg?

Causes of spider veins

Genetics, constant exposure to the sun and the hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy and menopause can be a contributing factor for spider veins. Certain inherited venous deficiencies may cause this condition as well. These vascular related medical issues are often caused when the veins crisscross and over lap, constricting the vessel and backing up blood flow.

Facial spider veins

Spider veins, also called facial veins, often occur in fairer skinned individuals who are frequently exposed to the sun. Harsh climate and genetic disposition can also create spider veins in the face. People who tend to obtain these harmless facial veins can combat them by wearing sunscreen, since this development is often a sign of sun damage.

Spider vein treatment

Treatment of spider veins is pretty much the same as for varicose vein treatment options and can involve the use injections, lasers, radiation therapies, or a combination of therapies.

EVLT techniques as well as the VNUS closure both use lasers to close the vein so that blood can flow more freely in healthier veins. The results are long lasting if not permanent. These methods beat out the age old method of vein stripping which was extremely painful and incurred weeks of recuperation time.

With laser treatment, you can return to normal activities the following day after a brief period of rest.

Another process called Sclerotherapy is a non invasive method where a sclerosing solution is injected into the swollen, misshapen veins. This solution causes the vein to close and become undetectable.

With so many options available today, a woman who suffers from spider veins can quickly eradicate them for good and unveil her legs without shame.

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